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Prerequisites. (What we need from you.)

At the moment the training we provide is predominantly carried out on your site. Dependant on group size we are able to provide training at a facility local to us. Please contact us should you wish to book a large group of candidates for training out with your premises. 


Upon booking us please be aware that any equipment we will be using on site will need to be in a state in which it could pass any relevant safety checks. In the case of lifting equipment it is mandatory that the condition of the equipment would be in line with LOLER conditions. 


Should your equipment not meet these standards we will be unable to train. 


Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of your candidate. The courses are delivered from a pre written presentation however the needs of the candidate are assessed from day 1 of the course.

Assesing the level of your candidate?

Definition of course types

(Based upon maximum occupation of 3 people on a course)


Has never operated this type of equipment before. - 5 Day Course


Has operated this kind of equipment before and I would trust them to handle an expensive load. Can drive in enclosed area and stack and de-stack pallets - 2-3 Day course


Has an in-date certificate for a different forklift Truck and needs to be trained & tested on a different machine - 2 Day Course 

Safety Refresher: 

Has a previous certificate (that can be shown to the instructor) that is now too old to comply with company safety policy or older than 5 years (regarded as inadequate by HSE) -  1 Day Course.

These are ABA standards recognised by the HSE, ITSSAR and NPORS.

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